Wedding Videography Sunshine Coast

And Photography Services

We’ve tailored our full-day packages to allow us to capture the essence of your special day.

The complete packages are fine-tuned from our experience servicing over 250 weddings to date.

 Regardless of what package you chose you will receive the following services:

Professional and Reliable Staff with Flexible Timeframes…

A Helping Hand When You Need It…

Seamless Delivery of Every Moment…

(all the basics)

Starting price $ 4,200
  • Full-day photo & highlight film
  • 8 hour full day coverage
  • One hybrid video/photo shooter
  • High-res gallery (550 images min)
  • Short highlight film
  • Ceremony full-length recording
Sunshine Coast Hinterland Wedding

(the deluxe collection)

Starting price $ 5,500
  • Full-day photo & feature film
  • 9 hour full day coverage
  • One videographer & one photographer
  • High-res gallery (700 images min)
  • Short preview film & 5/8min feature film
  • Ceremony full-length recording

Our wedding photo and video packages include:

Drone photography and/or footage included in our full-day packages (location and weather dependent)
Email and phone consultations in the lead up to your day
Professional wedding planning advice, including insight into effective timeline planning
25% deposit structure
Online delivery only, for fast-tracked service and convenience
Turnaround time within 3 months

(the classic collection)

Starting price $ 3,000
  • Full-day photography
  • 8-hour coverage
  • One photographer
  • High-res gallery (650 images min)
  • Enquire about our 5 and 12 hour options

(the cinematic collection)

Starting price $ 3,000
  • Full-day videography
  • 8-hour coverage
  • One videographer
  • Short preview film
  • 5 to 8 min feature film
  • Ceremony full-length recording
  • Enquire about our 5 and 12 hour options

(the elopement collection)

Starting price $ 1,550
  • One photographer & celebrant
  • 1 hour of coverage across your allocated timeframe
  • High-res gallery (50 images min)
  • Short legals only ceremony with your own personally written vows
  • Up to 6 guests, weekdays
  • A decorative certificate & lodgement of all documents

(the content & camcorder collection)

Starting price $ 1,000
  • One wedding content creator
  • 8 hours across your allocated timeframe
  • iPhone footage, photos & one edited reel
  • Content airdropped or cloud delivery within 48hrs
  • Full-length retro documentary camcorder film
  • Ceremony and speeches in full
  • Package length can be custom-quoted

(the intimate photo collection)

Starting price $ 1,500
  • One photographer
  • 2 hours of coverage across your allocated timeframe
  • High-res gallery (150 images min)

(the intimate video collection)

Starting price $ 1,400
  • One videographer
  • 2 hours of coverage across your allocated timeframe
  • Highlight film and ceremony recorded in full
Enhance your day
Second Shooter
Capture double the angles, double the moments, double the memories.
Available for full-day bookings only.

Additional Hours
Surcharges on Basics and intimate collections
Starting at $250 per hour, per staff member

Prints, albums and USB boxes pricing available as per request
Photo add-ons
Authentic Vintage Film Photography
In addition to shooting digital images, we will use a full roll of 35mm film to capture your day on a genuine analog camera.

Engagement Photo Shoot
Only for couples booking their film or photography media with Aesthete.

Black and White Photography
Receive your whole photo gallery with both a colour and B&W copy of each image .
Additional films
Documentary style raw edit
A user-friendly version of raw footage that shows you all the moments captured including those that didn't make the final cut in our packaged edits.

Reception speeches
Full-length recording

First dance
Full-length recording

Photos & Films

With Personal Touch

Is wedding videography worth it?

Investing in wedding videography is an invaluable decision that beautifully encapsulates the events and emotions of your special day. Our skilled team at Aesthete understands the significance of these moments and is dedicated to crafting cinematic films that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. From the heartfelt vows to the joyous celebrations, our expert videographers skillfully capture every nuance, ensuring that your wedding story unfolds with timeless elegance.

How much is a wedding videographer sunshine coast?

Our cinematic wedding videography package starts at $3000, which includes 8 hours of coverage. This package can be seamlessly customised to suit your unique preferences and needs, ensuring that your wedding day is captured exactly the way you envision.

Our basic and deluxe packages offer excellent value when you book both photography and videography services with us. Combining these services not only ensures seamless collaboration between our skilled professionals but also provides you with exceptional value for your investment.

What are the different styles of wedding video?
  • 1. Slow and Dreamy: Immerse yourself in the romance of your day with a slow and dreamy style, capturing the beauty and emotion in every moment.
  • 2. Natural Documentation: Our videographers excel at capturing candid, authentic moments, providing a natural and documentary-style video that reflects the genuine essence of your celebration.
  • 3. Emotive Storytelling: We specialise in crafting cinematic narratives that tell the unique story of your love, evoking powerful emotions and creating a timeless keepsake.
  • 4. Posed Shots: For those who love a touch of classic elegance, our videographers can incorporate posed shots into your video, ensuring a polished and refined look.
  • 5. Fast-Paced and Fun: If you’re looking for a video that reflects the energy and excitement of your wedding day, our fast-paced and fun style will capture the lively spirit of your celebration.
  • 6. Party Video: Document the joyous moments of your wedding reception with our dynamic party video style, ensuring that the laughter, dancing, and celebration are all captured for you to relive.

Wedding Videographer Sunshine Coast

As your dedicated Sunshine Coast wedding videographer, we specialise in capturing the essence of your special day with a blend of natural documentation and emotive storytelling.

Our team brings a unique touch to every moment, creating a cinematic masterpiece that beautifully showcases the stunning landscapes and heartfelt moments throughout your day. Trust us to craft a wedding video that not only reflects the dreamy allure of this picturesque region but also tells the captivating story of your love.

Contact us for an unforgettable cinematic experience and entrust your Sunshine Coast wedding memories to the aesthete team!