Eagle Nest Lookout

9th April 2022Brooke & Murray

Eagle Nest Lookout, Bells Bridge

Aesthete Team – Max

Package & Extras – All The Basics

Edit Style – Moody

Brooke and Murray chose an absolutely breathtaking location to tie the knot. The Eagle Nest Lookout offered them a stunning view of the country landscape with rolling hills and a golden sunset that left the sky painted in pretty shades of pink. The beauty of the surroundings was almost overwhelming, and the couple and their guests were left in complete awe. They exchanged their vows with the perfect backdrop adding to the dreamy ambiance of the occasion. The whole experience was truly magical and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most beautiful moments in their lives.

The edge of the cliff provided the perfect backdrop for the couple and bridal party photos, and it was a breathtaking sight to see. With professional equipment and expertise, we were able to capture jaw-dropping images that truly showcased the beauty of the exposed rock. The stunning natural surroundings and the gorgeous sunset provided the perfect setting for the photos, which were filled with emotion, love, and a sense of adventure. As the sky transitioned from golden to pink, it was as if a real show was being put on in the sky, and the photos captured this beauty perfectly. The result was a collection of photos that will undoubtedly be cherished and remembered for years to come, reminding the couple of the incredible beauty of their special day.