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22nd September 2022Samantha & Cameron

Wangetti Beach, Cairns

Aesthete Team – Max

Package & Extras – All The Basics

Edit Style – Moody

We love capturing you and your partners love story. We love it even more when we have the opportunity to travel! Tropical North Queensland Weddings are one location we cannot get enough of and have had the opportunity to capture the beauty multiple times!

Taking a trip up to Wangetti Beach, just north of Cairns to capture the intimate ceremony of Samantha and Cameron, was nothing short of memorable. Cameron waited on the spectacular Wangetti Beach, waiting for his Bride to make her way along the beach to meet him with a ceremony of their closest nearest and dearest.

Wangetti Beach was not short on the creative possibilities to create for everlasting precious memories for Samantha and Cameron. The rich blue of the ocean, the vibrant sand and crystal clear sky were just some of the aspects that added authenticity to Samantha and Cameron’s fun-loving attitude towards one another. 

Samantha and Cameron surprised their anxiously awaiting guests at their ‘ceremony’ where they announced that they were already married and it was time to party! The celebration and laughter went well into the night with their nearest and dearest danced under golden fairy lights.

We have a few tricks to make sure the video is not the priority and still have a great highlight video at a reasonable price.

Ceremony videos are also included for two reasons: you can watch the ceremony repeatedly, and it makes the highlight video even better.

We use three sources of audio: a lapel mic, a microphone taped to the mic, and plugging into the celebrant’s PA system. With three sources, we feel confident that we’ll get great results.

At the ceremony, we’ll have two tripod cameras and two other angles to capture the ceremony start to finish. Our highlight videos, perfect for online sharing, are short and summarize the day perfectly.

Our Deluxe package is the best for capturing the full photo and video experience; however, for more relaxed wedding days, our 8-hour Basic package is a great option to consider.

This package offers some flexibility, as it can but doesn’t have to cover the entire event from preparations to the first dance.

Tomorrow’s couple have put their preferences into the fun reception stuff and didn’t want to worry about documenting preparations.

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