Brisbane City Wedding

11th November 2022Rachael & Josh

Brisbane City

Aesthete Team – Lisa

Package & Extras – Intimate Collection

Edit Style – Moody

Rachael & Josh had an unforgettable wedding day in the heart of Brisbane city. The iconic Story Bridge provided the perfect backdrop creating an atmosphere that was both romantic and exciting. We all made our way to a bar down a colourful, graffitied alley. Along the way, they stumbled upon a flash mob, which was an unexpected but amazing moment. Rachael and Josh couldn’t resist joining in, and the flash mob became a part of their wedding day memories. It was a fun and unique way to add to the celebratory atmosphere, and the moment was captured in photos that will be treasured forever. The day was filled with love, joy, and unexpected surprises, making it a truly unforgettable wedding celebration in the heart of Brisbane.